Deciding Which Loan To Take Out

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Things The Bail Bondsman Wants You To Know


If you have never done business with a bail bondsman, you might not know what to expect. This can be concerning for a lot of people when they suddenly have a friend or family member calling them because they need help with a bond. If you have decided that you are going to help a loved one out and plan to go for bail bondsman services to do so, you will want to continue reading. Here are some of the things you should know going into this situation:

You Probably Need Some Cash In Hand

There are a lot of people that find themselves under the impression that the bail bondsman will be able to cover everything that is needed to get your friend or family member out of jail. However, most bondsmen require their clients to have at least a small amount of their own cash, and then they will carry the rest of the expense. Usually, this works out to be about ten percent of the total bond amount. In special cases or circumstances, a bondsman may decide to waive the cash requirement.

You Are On The Hook For That Money

Even though you are not the one that found themselves in jail, you are the one that will be held legally obligated to repay every dollar the bondsman put out in the event something goes wrong. For example, if the friend or family member you bailed out does not appear in court as scheduled or goes on the run, the bond is revoked and every bit of it will need to be repaid. Since you were the one that applied for the bond and signed all of the paperwork, it is your debt to repay.

You Need Some Sort Of Collateral

In order to receive the bond money that you want help with, you will probably need to present some sort of suitable collateral. This could be anything from the title to your motorcycle to the deed to your house. The collateral is so the bondsman knows there is something that can take from you if you are unable to pay the bond amount back. In situations such as the ones mentioned previously, you could have to give over the property you used as collateral in order to pay the debt.

Make sure that you are scheduling an appointment with the local bail bondsman so you can get the process started.

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12 November 2021