Deciding Which Loan To Take Out

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What Are The Requirements To Get An Auto Title Loan?


An auto title loan provides a way to borrow money against your vehicle, and these loans offer a fast and easy way to acquire cash when you need it. To get an auto title loan, you must meet the requirements, which may vary by lender. Most lenders have some similar requirements, though, and here are the primary ones to understand before applying for an auto title loan.

You Must Be an Adult

The first requirement is your age. You cannot get an auto title loan unless you are 18 years old or older. You will need to prove your age by presenting your driver's license. In fact, you need a driver's license, in most cases, to get approved for an auto title loan. The lender will ask for it when you apply for the loan.

You Must Have a Car Title in Your Name

The second requirement is a car title. As the name implies, an auto title loan is a loan based on the collateral from a car. Therefore, you must have a car title, and the title must be in your name. The lender might ask to see it when you apply for the loan, and they might even hold onto it until you repay the loan in full.  

You Must Have Other Documentation for Your Vehicle

The lender might also ask you for other documentation when you apply for the loan. For example, they might want to see your vehicle registration to ensure that you have current license plates on the car. They might also ask to see your insurance papers to verify that you have current insurance coverage on the vehicle.

You May Need to Agree to Have a GPS

Some lenders ask to install GPSs in the cars they offer loans on, and they do this to have a way to monitor a car's location. They will only use it if the borrower defaults on the loan.

You Need Proof of Income

Finally, you will need to offer proof of income to the lender. Proof of income shows the lender that you have a job and can afford to repay the money you borrow. You can prove it by showing your pay stubs or bank account statements.

If you meet these requirements and need a loan, you might want to consider applying for an auto title loan. You can learn more by contacting a lender of your choice.


26 August 2021