Deciding Which Loan To Take Out

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Answering Common Auto Title Loan Questions


When faced with the need to raise money for an emergency or other expense, it is important to be mindful of all of your options. While credit cards and traditional loans can be some of the more commonly used tools for meeting financial shortfalls, truck title loans can be another viable option that can allow you to use your vehicle to secure the credit you need.

Will You Have To Surrender Possession Of Your Vehicle To The Title Loan Holder?

Individuals often assume that a title loan will operate in the same way as pawning items. This can lead to them thinking that they will have to surrender control of their vehicle until the loan has been repaid. Yet, a title loan will have the advantages of avoiding this need so that you will be able to continue using your vehicle.

How Is The Amount Of Your Title Loan Determined?

As with any other type of credit, individuals will have a strong interest in the factors that will determine the amount of the title loan that they can receive. In most instances, this will be based on a mixture of the vehicle's resale value and its overall condition. As a result, individuals with newer vehicles can often expect their title loan amount to be higher due to the value of newer vehicles and the likelihood that a newer automobile will be in relatively good condition.

Can You Get A Title Loan If You Are Still Making Payments On Your Vehicle?

In order for a person to be able to qualify to use a title loan service, they will need to have fully paid off the loan for their vehicle. This is necessary as the lender's claim to the vehicle is likely to supersede the claim of the title loan provider. Due to this, individuals will need to present proof that they are the sole owner of the vehicle.

Can You Get Multiple Title Loans?

Individuals will only be allowed to have one title loan at a time on their vehicle. This makes it important to ensure that they are getting the best value for this loan. Once the title loan has been repaid, you will be able to apply for another one. If you apply for another title loan in the future for the same vehicle, you may expect the amount of the title loan to be lower due to the fact that the vehicle will likely be older and having sustained more wear.


24 February 2019