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3 Things To Avoid So Your Bail Bond Won't Be Revoked


Bonds are set for many individuals who have been arrested and accused of committing a crime. These bonds play a useful role in helping to strike a balance between the number of inmates incarcerated at any given time and the inconvenience an arrested individual may face by being incarcerated.

Most people think that all they have to do is show up for scheduled court appearances following their release from jail on a bail bond. Attending court proceedings is a important element, but there are some other situations that might cause a judge to revoke your bail bond and issue a warrant for your arrest.

Avoid putting yourself in these situations to ensure you can remain in the community while awaiting trial.

1. Unethical Courtroom Activities

If you have been accused of committing a crime and are facing the prospect of jail or prison time, you probably want to do everything possible to prove your innocence. It's important that you approach your case in an ethical manner if you want your bail bond to remain valid.

Tampering with or threatening witnesses, trying to bribe jury members, or acting out in court are all actions that could lead a judge to rescind your bail. Always handle your case ethically to avoid any problems with your bail bond.

2. Additional Arrests

It's important that you keep a low profile and avoid causing trouble in your community while you are released on bail. If you are accused of committing another crime while you are out of jail on bail awaiting the disposition of your original charges, your bail bond will probably be revoked.

Don't spend time with individuals who might engage in illegal activities and avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations to ensure that your bail bond remains valid.

3. Fraud

You will have to appear before a judge at a bail hearing before the amount of your bond is set. It's critical that you do not misrepresent your situation at this hearing.

The judge will utilize your financial information and consider any extenuating circumstances when setting a bail amount. Misrepresenting any of this information during the bail hearing can be considered fraud.

Once the judge learns the truth, your bail bond will be revoked. It's best to let an attorney handle your bail hearing to avoid the possibility of having fraud result in a bail bond revocation that forces you to await trial in jail.

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1 October 2018