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Does A Loved One Need Help Posting Bail? What You Should Ask When Choosing A Bail Bonds Company


When your loved one has been arrested, you want to get them out of jail quickly. However, that can be difficult to do when they're required to post bail. If you've never dealt with an arrest before, you may not be familiar with the way bail works. Because of that, it's important that you ask the right questions when obtaining a bail bond for your loved one. Here are three questions you should ask that will help you find the right bail bond agent for your loved ones bail needs.

Do They Have the Proper Licensing?

When it comes to obtaining a bail bond for your loved one, the most important question you can ask will be in regards to licensing. You want to make sure that the bail bond company you work with has the proper licensing. Not only should they be licensed to provide bail bonds, but the agents that work for the company should be licensed bail bonds agents, and they should be licensed to work in the jurisdiction where your loved one was arrested. Working with a licensed agent and bail bond company will help you avoid problems with your loved one's bail.

How Much will They Require in Cash?

If you're attempting to post bail for your loved one through the use of a bail bond, you want to find out how much cash will be required for the transaction. This is particularly important if your loved one is being held on a serious crime where the bail can be considerably higher than most. Most bail bond companies will require that you post about 10% of the total bail amount in cash, with the rest being secured through collateral.

Are They Available for Assistance 24/7?

You're going to have a lot of questions during the bail process. However, those questions and concerns aren't going to stop once your loved one has been released from custody. You want to make sure that you have a way to get those questions and concerns answered quickly. When obtaining a bail bond for your loved one, make sure that the agency you work with is available for 24/7 assistance. That way, when you have an issue you need resolved, an agent will be available to help you.

Dealing with the arrest of a loved one is stressful enough without the added stress of obtaining a bail bond. If you're in the process of posting bail for your loved one, asking the questions provided above will help you find the right bail bond agency to work with. Contact a service, like First Choice Bail Bonds, for more help.


31 August 2018